Wildfox Couture fall 2011 lookbook

Op mijn vorige blog plaatste ik al eens het summer 2011 lookbook van Wildfox Couture. Vandaag zou ik ook graag hun lookbook voor deze herfst met jullie delen. Ik vind de foto's namelijk heel erg inspirerend. Bovendien is het niet zomaar een lookbook, eerder een verhaal. Een verhaal ge├»nspireerd en gebaseerd op "these girls"...

"These are the girls that fly 5000 miles for a rock show. They follow the music like it’s true love. These are the girls who pack orange suitcases full of T-shirts, glittering shawls, velvet bell bottoms and massive platform shoes. They live in the backs of buses and play Janis Joplin loudly on their transistor radios. They close their eyes to see the stars, they climb the hills of Laurel Canyon at night with a backpack stuffed with knit blankets, fleece hoodies and apple slices. These girls love wearing old hats and ordering room service, they love the way the stage lights look from behind the curtains, they love yellow panty hose and military coats, they love baby pink lipstick and false lashes, drawing in homemade sketchbooks with soft pastels, they love calling on the spirits of the past and running through graveyards in silk dresses. They love lots of honey in their tea and kissing boys behind closed stage doors, they love the rush of fans screaming for their boys, but most of all they love each other and the way the city looks as they drive, half asleep in the early morning, across the Manhattan bridge."
"They follow the music with only a suitcase and their best friends, they die over giant platforms and velvet bell bottoms, they eat Twinkies for breakfast, wear the same T shirt for days, they dance barefoot on stage after everyone's gone home, and never cry over boys. They go where the night takes them, they cram into motel beds and cover their rooms with feather boas, silk scarves and fur hats. They play old guitars, sing along to Joni Mitchell, tell love stories in lamp lit parking lots, dream of traveling to far off places and even when it's all over they never go home."
In de tekst hierboven beschrijft men "these girls" zoals vermeld in de inleiding, de ultieme Wildfox meisjes. De tekst lijkt ontzettend lang, maar spreekt erg tot de verbeelding en geeft een perfecte omschrijving van hoe de collectie er uitziet. 

De collectie heet "It's only rock 'n roll (but I like it!)" en is ge├»nspireerd op Anita Pallenberg, Elton John, The Rolling Stones, rock concerten, 1970's tijdschriften en kleren, zachte, oversized cardigans en T-shirts, kleren van je BF en prachtige, lange, wapperende 70's jurken. De foto's ademen echt deze sfeer uit. I like!

Wat vinden jullie van de foto's?