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Let me introduce myself: I'm Fleur! I was born in Curaçao, a beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea where the sun always shines. I have the Dutch nationality, but grew up in a small town in Belgium.

Seven years ago I started my blog Girly & Geeky on Weblog.nl (part of Typepad). In August 2011 Weblog.nl faced some technical difficulties. The consequence of that was that my entire blog was lost! I'm talking about three years of blogging: thousands of posts! Very unfortunate, but yeah: you can't help it. I accepted it, didn't give up and started all over again on Blogspot. Girly & Geeky is active on three domains: www.girlyengeeky.nl for the Dutch people, www.girlyengeeky.be for the Belgians and www.girlyengeeky.com for the international visitors!

P.S. My blog appeared in the press multiple times. Curious? Click here!